Prisma   Table Linen Test Results





Made from 6.8 oz. spun polyester, Prisma table linen fabric is heavier than other leading brands.

The average breaking strength of Prisma fabric was 4% higher than that of the other fabric tested.



Soil Release

Prisma performed either better or the same as the leading brand in 28 out of 30 soil release tests involving ketchup, mustard, coffee, grease, and lipstick.



The average shrinkage of Prisma napkins after 50 launderings ranged from 1.8% to 2.25%, which is less than the range of the leading brand (1.99% to 2.34%).



All napkins fared exceptionally well in color retention tests after 50 industrial launderings. Prisma napkins showed virtually no color change visible to the naked eye.

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